Parents, if I may: while I don’t have children of my own, I have worked closely with young adults now for many years.

If I have one encouragement it’s this: please don’t over-parent your children.

I realize parents love their children immeasurably and want only the very best for them. With that in mind, the very best for them is to be confident, healthy adults by the time they arrive on college and university campuses.

Allow them to fail – life is full of failure. They must learn how to deal with it.
Allow them to feel the sting of disappointment.
Allow them to fight their own battles. 
Allow them to reap the consequences of poor choices.

All of these negatives in life are best experienced in the home, in familiar territory, surrounded by family. They are not best experienced for the first time when away at university or college.

Do not always do for them what they can do for themselves. If a student doesn’t fill out any of the paper work to apply for university, how will they manage the first time they’re called to the Registrar’s office, or to meet with the Academic Dean?

Do not always work to eliminate their stress – teach them how to manage and work through it.

Do not give high praise for every basic accomplishment; the world doesn’t work this way, and they will never experience that again once leaving home. The loss of constant praise is crippling to some.

Please do encourage, and love unconditionally! (And send food; that always goes over well!)

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